Camtasia (Windows): Best audio format for recording


What is the best audio format to use in Camtasia?


The default audio format for Camtasia Recorder is AAC 44.100kHz, 16 bit, stereo.  This is the recommended audio rate for recording.

If you are recording in a 3rd party application such as Audacity or another audio editor, exporting your audio at as PCM 44.1khz, 16 bit stereo will work better than MP3.

In Audacity:

  1. Start a new project.
  2. Click Project > Import Audio.  Select your audio file and click Open.
  3. Change the Project rate setting to 22050 or 44100 (at the bottom of the window).
  4. Click File > Export As WAV (16 bit).
  5. Import the new WAV file into Camtasia.