Bad or Low Volume Audio


After recording in Camtasia on Windows, the audio sounds bad or has low volume.


There are various reasons why the audio is not working when recording.

Reason 1: Bad Static or Audio While Recording

If you are getting static or bad audio when recording in Camtasia, please try the following:

  • If using a microphone that plugs into your sound card (analog), please be sure there is a solid connection and the sound card drivers are updated to the latest version.
  • Sometimes the microphone can be very sensitive and pick up unwanted background noise. To avoid this, turn down the recording input level to the mic. To counter this, you may need to speak louder be closer to the mic so your voice can still be picked up at an acceptable level.

Reason 2: Low Audio with Microphone

If you are getting low audio volume with the microphone, please try the following:

  • In Camtasia, ensure your recording volume is set to high. You can adjust this in Camtasia Recorder within the input bar.
    Camtasia 2020 Recorder
    Camtasia 9-2019 Recorder

To determine if the problem is the microphone or Camtasia, try a test in Windows Sound Recorder to see if you get a low volume in your recording. If the audio is low, you may need to make an adjustment on the microphone or within Windows.

Reason 3: Poor Quality and Cuts Recording

If the recording has poor quality and cuts in and out, make sure the sound enhancements are turned off.

  1. Right-click the Speaker icon in the bottom right-hand corner and choose Recording Devices
  2. Double-click your default recording device.
  3. Select Disable All Enhancements in the Enhancements tab.