Schedule a Recording to Automatically Start and Stop Using Camtasia on Windows (Camtasia 2020 and earlier)

There are some common cases when you want to schedule a recording:

  • Record a webinar on your home computer while you are at work.
  • Ensure a class lecture is recorded and not forgotten.
  • Assist recording an event for someone who is not familiar using Camtasia.

The following steps will only work for Camtasia 2020 and earlier.

This article will explain how to create scheduled files for Windows Task Scheduler to automatically initiate a Camtasia Screen recording.

You must use the Administrator access to initialize the changes. Process may vary if using Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Schedule an Automated Recording

    1. Open Notepad.
    2. Type the following into the document: "C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2018\CamRecorder.exe" /record
    3. Save file as record.bat.

      Please use the BAT extension. Saving as TXT will not work.

    4. Create a new file.
    5. Type the following into the document: "C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Camtasia 2018\CamRecorder.exe" /stop
    6. Save file as stop.bat. Please remember where you saved both those files.
  1. Open Camtasia Recorder.
  2. Select Tools > Options > General.
  3. Select File Options > Automatic file name. Then, click OK.
  4. Select Program > Hide preview window after recording is stopped. Select Save under the Do this with my recording dropdown.
  5. Close the recorder.
  6. Press Windows+R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  7. Type the following and click OK: control panel
  8. Select System and Security > Administrative Tools.
  9. Double-click Task Scheduler.
  10. Select Action > Create Task > General.
  11. Type a name for the task.
  12. Select Triggers > New.
  13. Set a time when you want to start recording under Settings.
  14. Select Actions > New.
  15. Click Browse to open record.bat.
  16. Repeat steps 16-21 to set a different trigger for stop.bat.
  17. Click OK after both tasks are set
  18. Save and close Windows Task Scheduler.