Camtasia (Windows): Unable to retrieve media properties for the file

The information below is for Camtasia Studio 7 only



The codec that the video is compressed with is not installed on your computer, or the install has become corrupted

Try installing or reinstalling the codec used in the video you are importing. If you are trying to import an AVI file that uses the TSCC video codec you would need to reinstall the TSCC codec. The install file for the TSCC codec is named TSCC.EXE and is located in the folder where you have installed Camtaisa Studio, for example:

C:\Program Files\Techsmith\Camtasia Studio\7\

Extracting the AVI from the CAMREC

Browse to the CAMREC file saved on your computer. Right click and choose Extract. If the right click menu is not available, import the CAMREC file into Camtasia Studio, right click on it in the clip bin and choose "Extract camrec contents", then choose a folder where the files will be extracted. This will extract the AVI from the CAMREC. Try playing the AVI in Windows Media Player. If the extracted AVI does not play in Windows Media Player it could be corrupt in some way. If the AVI file plays correctly, you can use it in the Timeline in place of the CAMREC file. Learn more about CAMRECs and AVIs.

Importing CAMREC from shared folder

Importing a CAMREC file from a shared folder or network drive such as \\testfolder could cause this error. Moving the file to the local c:/ drive and then importing should resolve the issue.

The recording may be corrupt

If you submit a ticket to use by clicking Submit a Ticket above we can get the file from you to see if our Support team can recover the file.

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