Camtasia (Windows): Crashes or runs slowly during timeline edits


During editing Camtasia can run slow or even crash the software


Possible Causes

  1. Slow edits and crashes can be the result of too many prior edits to the Timeline and are project specific. If every project crashes while editing the Timeline, there are usually other factors such as drivers.
  2. We have seen some cases where projects using media files stored on a network, shared or external drive can crash during editing. This is often due to the slower data transfer rate from these locations. Please copy all project files and media to your local C:/ drive to see if this resolves the crashing.

Resolution – Single project is slow or crashing

Camtasia 9:

Now that Camtasia 9 is a 64 bit application we do not see the slow or crashing behavior as much as we did in Camtasia Studio 8 because we can now handle 'large' projects much better.

Camtasia Studio 8:

Often this happens to a single, heavily edited project. Every edit creates more data stored to the .camproj file. After every edit, the .camproj is rewritten and as more data is added, subsequent rewrites take longer. If a .camproj becomes too complex, it can crash.  We normally see crashes occur more often with projects where the .camproj file is above 1MB in file size.  That does not mean all projects that are larger than that will crash, it just means it will have a better chance of crashing as compared to a smaller project.

If a project has become very slow to edit, produce it to an MP4 and bring it back in to a new project. This will start the project with a clean slate and it should run more efficiently. Some things to take note of however before producing the MP4:

- The edits made so far will now be permanent. Callouts, titles, transitions – all of these edits will be part of the produced file and they cannot be changed after the fact.
- Markers, Hotspots and Quizes will have to be redone on the new Timeline because they will not carry over in the produced MP4.

Resolution – All projects are crashing

Update all audio and video drivers

Visit the manufacturer’s website for your video and sound cards. Download and install the most up-to-date drivers for those cards.

More Information

If the problem continues and the information above does not help please submit a ticket so our Support team can look into the problem.