Camtasia (Windows): Use Library assets from Camtasia 7 in Camtasia 8

Users with Camtasia Studio 7 installed can export the Library assets that they'd like to use in Camtasia Studio 8, and then import that file into CS8 for use in current or future products. Step by step instructions are below.

Export From Camtasia Studio 7

  1. Launch Camtasia Studio 7, start a new project and select the Library tab.
  2. Select the folder(s) containing the assets you'd like to export, then right-click click a selected folder and choose "Export Library". (You can select all folders by clicking one folder, then pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard.)

  3. Use the folder icon button in the "Export Library As Zip" dialog to browse to a save location and enter a filename to save the ZIP file as, then click OK to finalize the filename, then OK again to start the export.

  4. When all desired folders have been exported, you may close Camtasia Studio 7.

Import Into Camtasia Studio 8

  1. Launch Camtasia Studio 8 and start a new project.
  2. Select File menu Library Imported Zipped Library

  3. Use the folder icon button to browse to the file created during the export process, and click OK to begin importing these assets. This will need to be done once for each ZIP file created when exporting the assets.

  4. A warning like this may apear, say Yes:

  5. When the import process completes, all exported assets will be available for use in current and future Camtasia Studio 8 projects.

    You can delete the ZIP files created during the Export process at this time, as we are done using them.

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