Camtasia (Windows): Error when Producing: Your plug-in software is outdated

Camtasia Studio 8

This behavior can happen if you use non alphanumeric characters in your filename or in the folder you are uploading to when sending to  To resolve the issue use only letters and numbers in your file name.  If that does not correct the issue produce to MP4 manually by selecting the MP4 preset in Camtasia and manually upload the MP4 to as a temporary workaround.  To help us resolve the issue submit a ticket using the Ask a Question tab above so we can get more information.

Camtasia Studio 7

This is a known issue with Camtasia Studio 7.1.0 and earlier, please click here to update to version 7.1.1 to resolve this problem.

If you are using an earlier version and are having a similar problem, the best work around is to produce your video, then upload it using either the webpage, or the Desktop Uploader.

If after updating to 7.1.1 you still have problems uploading to directly from Camtasia Studio, please see the following support article.

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