Camtasia (Windows): AVI files import incorrectly into Adobe Premiere Pro


AVI files show up blurry in Adobe Premiere.


There are a few tips we can offer to help improve how AVI files from Camtasia Recorder show up in Adobe Premiere.

  • We have found that taking an AVI from Camtasia Recorder that has dropped frames into Adobe Premiere will display artifacts in Premiere.  The best workaround for this specific problem is to take that same AVI, bring it into Camtasia Studio and produce out to AVI.  This will eliminate the dropped from so it can then be played back successfully in Adobe Premiere.
  • Another option that can help is ignoring the alpha channel.  Follow the steps below to change that. 
    1. Select your imported AVI file from the project view in Premiere and then
    2. Go to File > Interpret Footage
    3. Inside the Interpret Footage dialog box, check the Ignore Alpha Channel option.
    4. This makes your AVI file completely visible.  If the video still appears blank, try re selecting the clip in order to refresh the video viewer.
  • Another possible cause of reduced image quality when importing video into Premiere is Frame Blending.  Right click on the video and uncheck the Frame Blending option.