Camtasia (Windows): Menu Maker with Camtasia Studio 8


MP4 files do not work in Menu Maker.


After the release of Camtasia Studio 8, changes were made on how MP4 files are produced to use the TechSmith Smart Player. As a result, MP4 files produced from Camtasia Studio 8 and later will not work with Menu Maker. As a workaround, projects can be produced as a Windows Media Video (WMV) to use in Menu Maker, and then a Table of Contents (TOC) can be added to the videos. To create a menu, follow these steps:

Creating a Menu with WMV and TOC

The following procedure will only work when using Internet Explorer as the default browser.

  1. Select Embed video into HTML and Produce multiple files based on my markers when producing the project.
  2. Open Menu Maker once video is rendered.
  3. Add the HTML document in the production folder.
  4. Select All Files from Files of Type.

Once the menu is ready, create the menu. When created, you will notice that when clicking one of the items, the video does not load. Some media files still need to be brought over from the production folder. To follow this process, watch the video below: