Camtasia (Windows): Version 8 Activation Overview

Activation is a product security process that prevents the unlicensed duplication of Camtasia Studio 8. Unlike product registration, Activation is an anonymous process that does not require you to submit information about yourself. The process simply confirms that you have a licensed copy of Camtasia. Lost your software key? Visit the key lookup tool.

During the installation process, you will be prompted to activate the software. Enter your software key and click Next.

Once your key is entered, the following option will be displayed as the software key is being validated.


This dialog will appear for up to 10 seconds. If we are not able to contact the activation server we will continue to run it in the background. Once the activation server has been successfully reached, you will be notified the next time Camtasia is launched.

If the key is valid, the following message will display:


If the key is invalid, these messages will appear:

No Time Remaining on Trial


Less than Five days on Trial


More than Five days on Trial