Camtasia (Windows): Seeking ahead in flash video does not play

By default, Camtasia Studio’s HTML output creates a single video file that is indexed into sections using markers created within the project. Without a streaming server, a video will play using a method called progressive downloading. A progressive download allows the video to play while the file is being downloaded. However, it is not possible to seek to a section of the video that has not yet been downloaded. Instead, the viewer can only seek to and play portions of the video that have already been downloaded. When using HTML output, if a viewer clicks within the interactive index to jump to a specific marker in the video, before that section of the video has been downloaded, the video would not be able to play until the download of the entire file catches up to the time of the marker that the viewer jumped to.

When producing your HTML output project, the simplest solution to this problem is to check the Produce multiple files based on my markers option within the Marker Options section of the production wizard. This option will split up the video based on the markers placed within the project and produce separate files for each marker. By producing multiple files, your viewers will be able to click on a marker within the interactive index and it will automatically start downloading and playing the beginning of a separate file, rather than having the viewer wait on the download of the entire video.

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