Snagit (Windows): Snagit 11.2.0 is not remembering my license key

The problem is resolved in version 11.4.3, which can be downloaded here.  

If the above does not work please review the below information.

Beginning with Snagit 11.2, the licensing information (license key and registered user name) is no longer stored in the registry as in previous versions of Snagit.  The license key is now stored in a RegInfo.ini file in the following location: 

C:\ProgramData\TechSmith\Snagit 11\RegInfo.ini

So, if the user does not have the correct permissions to the location above, the license information will not be recorded and the user is prompted to enter the license key each time Snagit is started.  Additionally, when following the link to register your license, the key that is transferred to the web form will show as xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.



  1. Enable Hidden Folders on your version of Windows:

       2.  Make sure Snagit is not running at all.  Be sure to check in your Task Manager > Processes tab for any of the following (if you do see any of the following, select them and then choose End Process):

    • Snagit32.exe
    • SnagitEditor.exe
    • SnagPriv.exe

       3.  Navigate to the following location on your computer: 


       4.  Now, right click on the Snagit 11 folder and choose Properties > Security. 

       5.  Select your username from the list and make sure that your username has Full Control for this folder.  If you do not see your username in this list, click on the Edit button and Add your username to   the list with Full Control.  


     6.  Select Apply.

     7.  Reopen Snagit and enter your license key.


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