Snagit (Windows): Automatically save images to a specific format


How do I set up Snagit to automatically save my captures to a specific format?


Snagit presets make it easy to customize your various workflows, even for saving a simple image file.  Here is how to create a custom Snagit preset to capture an image and automatically save it to a specific format and destination. 

  1. Open the Snagit capture window, and select the + button next to Presets, and choose New preset...

  2. Choose Image for the selection type on the left

  3. For the Share drop down, choose File.

  4. [OPTIONAL] Select the gear icon to the right of the Share selector.  Here you can customize how the file will be saved. For example, the name of the file, the format, and the folder for it to be saved to. 
  5. Select Save Preset
  6. [OPTIONAL] Click in to the "Add Hotkey" field, and type your desired key combination to trigger this capture preset. 

  7. To use this capture preset, use the capture hotkey (if you assigned one in step 6), or select the preset from the main capture window, and then click the red Capture button.

When ever this profile is used to capture, these settings will be applied. When the capture opens in the Editor, you can make any edits you wish, and then click Finish to complete the save.



To skip previewing the capture in the Editor, and instead immediately save the image after it has been captured, in the Preset Editor, deselect the Preview in Editor option. Make sure to save these new changes to your profile!