Snagit (Windows): Trusteer Rapport may prevent scrolling capture


There are various reasons why a web page may not be recognized as scrollable by Snagit. We have a support article here with information about scrolling capture.

One known conflict is with a Windows security tool called Trusteer Rapport. Some financial or banking websites distribute this software to help secure a web browser, but an unfortunate side effect is that the default settings prevent Snagit from working properly to capture pages from that browser.

The tool itself is very low-level and hard to detect. It doesn’t show up in browser add-ons, nor does it show up in the process list in the Windows Task Manager. However, you can detect it visually in your browser, in the list of Services in Task Manager, or under System Drivers in the System Information program.



To enable capture with Trusteer Rapport installed, you must change some settings.

  1. Click on the Trusteer Rapport Button in the URL bar and select "Show Console"


  2. Go to the next page. Select "Edit Policy"


  3. Change "Block access to information inside the browser" to "Never"


  4. Restart your computer and try scrolling capture again.