Snagit (Windows): Snagit Printer cannot print from Adobe Reader 11.0.06


Attempting to print to the Snagit printer does not work hen Adobe Reader is installed.


We have confirmed that printing to the Snagit printer isn't working with the latest Adobe Reader.  From what we can tell so far, it appears that there are new security mechanisms within Reader that can cause printing to Snagit to not work.

Here is a workaround that we have found that allows printing to the Snagit printer but it does involve turning off one of the new security mechanisms called "Protected Mode" so please exercise caution.

1. Within Adobe Reader, Select the Edit Menu, Then Preferences, then "Security (Enhanced)"
2. Turn off/disable "Enable Protected Mode at startup"
3. Select "Add Folder Path" in "Privileged Locations" and type in : c:\programdata\techsmith\snagit 13
4. Restart Adobe PDF Reader 
5. If it still isn't working you may need to clear the print queue of the Snagit printer because errors on previous print jobs may be keeping things from printing 

Changes within Adobe Reader:


Please let us know if this doesn't work for you.