Capturing the Cursor in Snagit 12


In every capture, the cursor is included in the capture. What can be done from preventing the cursor from being captured?


The capture button or the Global Capture Hotkey (Print Screen) always initiates the same capture workflow with the same capture settings in Snagit 12. So in order to capture the cursor, a new custom profile needs to be created. Follow the steps below to make these changes.

  1. Open Snagit.
  2. Open Manage Profiles.
    • Option 1: Click View Profiles > Manage Profiles in the capture window.
    • Option 2: Click Snagit > Profiles > Manage Profiles in the systems tray.
      SnagWin_CaptureSnag122.png SnagWin_CaptureSnag12.png
  3. Click New Profile and assign it a name.
  4. Enable the cursor by clicking the Mouse icon till it shades blue.
  5. Assign a unique hotkey to this profile.
  6. Click Save.

Now, take your capture by either hitting the unique hotkey you assigned to the profile (in this example, Shift + Print Screen) or by clicking on the profile name from the capture window and the cursor will be included in the capture.