Snagit (Windows): Capturing the cursor in Snagit 12


Every time I take a capture, the cursor is included in the capture. How do I prevent the cursor from being captured?


Clicking the red capture button, or hitting the Global Capture Hotkey (by default is set to Print Screen), in Snagit 12 will always initiate the same capture workflow with the same capture settings. So, in order to capture the cursor, a new custom profile needs to be created.  Here is how to do this.

  1. Open the Snagit Profile Manager
    • Hover over the Snagit capture window, click the View Profiles button > Manage Profiles
    • Or, click on the Snagit icon in the system tray > Profiles > Manage Profiles
  2. Select New Profile and give it a name
  3. Enable the cursor by clicking the icon so it is shaded blue
  4. Assign a unique hotkey to this profile
  5. Click Save


Now, take your capture by either hitting the unique hotkey you assigned to the profile (in this example, Shift + Print Screen), or by clicking on the profile name from the capture window (shown below), and the cursor will be included in the capture.