Snagit (Windows): Citrix Environment with Snagit

UPDATE: As of Snagit 12.2.2, Snagit can now be deployed into some virtual environments.  For more information, please refer to our Enterprise Documentation.

Older Versions

Snagit 12.1 and earlier require direct, local installation on each end user's machine. It may operate in certain virtual environments, however older versions are not officially supported on the Citrix platform, so there may be limitations in functionality. In instances where Snagit's image capture works, it will only capture the screen of applications running in the Citrix client window. When SnagIt is running in the Citrix session, it will not capture the screen area outside of the Citrix client window.  Most commonly issues occur with the installation of the datastore, Snagit Printer and conflicts with system security.


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