Snagit (Windows): Videos are blurry

There are generally two causes of blurry videos

  1. Scaling the video in the application playing it.
  2. Producing the video using a "lossy" codec.

If the video is playing in Media Player, the video may not play back at 100% the original size at which it was recorded. In its default "skins" mode, Media Player may scale the video the video during playback resulting in image quality degradation. Selecting View > Video Size > 100% may have no effect.

There are two ways to fix this problem. One is to configure Media Player to not scale, and the other is to use a different player.

Computer videos are almost always compressed to reduce file size.  It is similar to compressing other types of files using a program like WinZip.  The algorithms used to compress the video are called codecs.

There are two basic types of video codecs, lossless and lossy.  Lossless codecs do not degrade the quality of the video.  Lossy codecs sacrifice some quality due to compression.

Snagit 10 AVI Microsoft Video 1
Snagit 11 MP4 H.264
Snagit 12 MP4 H.264
Snagit 13 MP4 H.264

In Snagit 10 and earlier, you can change the video codec you use to compress your video under Output > Properties > Video file. Uncheck Auto-configure and then click on Video options. Select your desired codec from the list.

Snagit 11, 12, and 13 are only able to use h.264 compression for MP4 files, which is a good mix between high quality video, and low file sizes. Video codecs are not configurable in these versions.
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