Snagit (Windows): Turning off the floating, on-screen user interface. This is called the "Capture Window" in Snagit 12 and "OneClick" in Snagit 11.

Snagit 13

  1. Open the main Snagit capture window by clicking on your Start menu > TechSmith > Snagit 13 (red icon)


  2. Browse to View > Show OneClick

Snagit 12

This is the main Snagit capture window in version 12.  This can be disabled, in which case either keyboard shortcuts, or the notification area icon (running by the clock) would be used to interact with the Snagit capture options.  

  1. Hover over the Snagit capture window
  2. Select the gear icon > Preferences

  3. Choose "Enable Notification Area Icon" and click Apply

The floating capture window will no longer appear on the screen.  To initiate a capture, use your programmed hotkeys, or use the notification area icon.  

Snagit 11

The revised on-screen floating user interface introduced in Snagit 11.2 is called OneClick.   Please take a look at the link below for a tutorial on OneClick, this includes instructions on disabling the feature if you desire. (Open Snagit > Select "Turn off OneClick" in the "Quick Launch" section.)

Capture Quickly Using OneClick

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