Snagit (Windows): Combining more than one image ln SnagIt Editor

Snagit 9 and later

  1. Take your first capture with Snagit.
  2. Take the second capture with Snagit.
  3. Drag the first capture from the open captures tray and drop it on the canvas of capture two.

For additional help please see the following video.

Snagit 8.2.3 and previous

  1. Open the first image in SnagIt Editor.
  2. Extend the canvas (white area) by clicking and dragging the small square (resize handle) in the lower right hand corner of your image.
  3. Extend that area to an area about the size of the next image.
  4. To insert the second image, go to File > Insert Image.
  5. Arrange your image.
Once you deselect your image it becomes part of the background and can no longer be moved. You can, however, select it with the selection tool (cut) and move it that way. Pull the resize handle back towards your image until the white area is no longer visible.
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