Snagit (Windows): FTP not working


Note: If you are running into this problem in Snagit 13, see here.


The toolbar at the top of the Editor is missing all of the tools.



Cause 1: Ribbon Minimized (Snagit 9 - 12)

  1. Right click on where you would expect the tools to appear
  2. Uncheck the option to Minimize the Ribbon

Cause 2: Windows Themes

Some third-party Windows Themes can cause the Snagit Editor to not display the toolbar and Snagit Button. Reset your Windows Theme to a Windows default to fix the Snagit Editor.

Windows XP

Right-click the desktop and click Properties, then the Themes tab. Select a default Windows theme.

Windows Vista and later

Right-click the Desktop and click Personalize. Select a Windows default theme.