Snagit (Windows): Video playback in Snagit Editor shows up blank


After recording a video, nothing shows up in the Editor.  The playback controls may show up, and the video appears in the tray, but no actual video is shown. 


There are many different causes for this behavior - the most common being outdated drivers for video and audio hardware on the computer.  Please try the following steps if you are experiencing these symptoms. 


In many cases, saving the video from the Snagit Editor (File > Save as), and then viewing the mp4 your default media player (Windows Media Player for example) will playback the video.

Minimum Requirements

Make sure that the system you are using meets the minimum requirements for Snagit and video capture.

Update system drivers

Many problems can be resolved by simply updating the hardware drivers on your computer. This is done by visiting your computer manufacturer's support site, and looking up your model computer to see if there are any updates available.

While Windows attempts to find these automatically, many times there are more recent ones available.

Some of the most popular manufacturers' support sites are listed below.

Audio Devices

Even if audio is not being recorded, this behavior can be cuased by problems with audio hardware in the computer or external hardware that is attached to the machine. Try disconnecting any third party devices, then restart Snagit and try recording a new video.

Change performance settings

Many lap top computers have a way of adjusting the overall performance of the machine. This can usually be done by going into the Control Panel > Power Settings category, and see if there is an option to run at "High Performance."

Contact Support

If all else fails, submit a ticket using the button at the top of this page to contact our Support team for further assistance.