Snagit (Windows): Resize PDFs / white space in PDF made in SnagIt


When saving an image as a PDF, there is a lot of white space in the PDF.


SnagIt PDF output is designed as a quick way to send a screenshot of a web page or desktop as a PDF file. PDF is an acronym for Postscript Document, and this format is designed for printing. PDF output will automatically fit your screen capture onto a 8.5 x 11" format page at printer resolution, which is 300 dpi.

The screen capture may look small in this page, as screen captures are at screen resolution, which is 72 dpi. When adjusting page size in SnagIt, the PDF now reads the white space within it as part of the postscript image. SnagIt does not currently include options to edit or crop Postscript documents.

If you would like to create a PDF file that is not a full printed page, or that does not include white space, use the SnagIt printer.

  1. Set your output to file, and save it as a .bmp, .jpg, .png, or .tif.
  2. Open the saved image in your image viewer application, and then go to File > Print (or right-click on the image and select Print ).
  3. Select the SnagIt printer from your drop-down menu, click OK, and Print.
  4. Select where to save the PDF, click Save, and click Finish.