Snagit (Mac): Editor window doesn't load properly


When I launch Snagit on Mac 2, the Editor window fails to load properly. The Tools and Effects panels may not display their contents, captures may not load on the canvas, and there may be other unexpected behavior.



Snagit uses specific fonts and if they are not installed and enabled, the Editor will not work properly.

Chalkboard, Marker Felt, and Helvetica are required for Snagit to load. Chalkboard is installed in the top-level /Library/Fonts folder and can be disabled by the built-in Font Book program. Marker Felt and Helvetica are installed in the top-level System/Library/Fonts folder and cannot be disabled with Font Book. A user must manually remove these fonts (which requires an Administrator password) or disable them in a third-party font manager.

If you have removed or disabled those fonts, you would need to reinstall or reenable them before using Snagit.

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