Snagit (Mac): The Application "SnagitHelper" Could Not Be Launched Because a Miscellaneous Error Occured (Osstatus -10810)


The following error message appears after the computer has been rebooted: The application "SnagitHelper" could not be launched because a miscellaneous error occurred (OSStatus - 10810).



This occurs if Snagit is downloaded and installed in the App Store and the application is starting when the computer is starting. In Snagit, the Editor is the main process and SnagitHelper must launch with the Editor. If the SnagitHelper attempts to launch without the Editor, then the operating system will block it and present the error message. Our Developers are looking to get around this, however it is not clear if this is possible because of the Sandboxing restrictions that Apple applied on the App Store. It is possible to click past the error, open Snagit and continue using the application without any issue.

To prevent this message from appearing, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Snagit.
  2. Select Snagit > Preferences.
  3. Click General.
  4. Uncheck Always keep Snagit running in the background.