Snagit (Mac): System Audio Recording Guide

Version 4

For more information, please see this article. 

Version 3

For information on how to record the system audio using Snagit on Mac 3, please see this tutorial. 

Version 2

Recording System Audio on Snagit for Mac 2 is not supported, however some users have successfully used a third party utility called SoundFlower to record the System Audio.  

  1. To capture system audio with Snagit, Soundflower must be installed.
  2. Set the Sound Output in System Preferences to Soundflower (2ch). You will not be able to hear the audio through your speakers.
  3. Launch Snagit and start a video capture. In the capture toolbar, set the Snagit Audio Input to Soundflower (2ch).
Some programs or devices still may route their audio in a manner where Camtasia cannot record it. In those cases, we recommend contacting the device manufacturer or software publisher for assistance. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to test every audio device or program available.
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