Licensing for Snagit (Windows) and Snagit (Mac)

Beginning with Snagit (Windows) 10 and Snagit (Mac) 1, the Snagit license key is cross-platform compatible. Snagit is licensed per user, and your Snagit license is authorized for a second installation to accommodate Mac use.

However, both machines (Windows and Mac) cannot run the program at the same time because Snagit can only run on one computer at a time. Please refer to the following table for information on which license keys will unlock Snagit (Windows and Mac).

Windows Version Mac Version
Snagit 10 Snagit (Mac) 1
Snagit 11 Snagit (Mac) 2
Snagit 12 Snagit (Mac) 3
Snagit 13 Snagit (Mac) 4

Beginning with Snagit 2018 and later, Windows and Mac have the same version number.

If you are licensed for a version of Snagit that is not listed in the table, you can upgrade to the current version of Snagit and get a license key for both platforms. Purchase a Snagit upgrade in the TechSmith's Upgrade Center. If you need to download a specific version, visit the TechSmith's Download Center.

After your order is placed, you will receive a link to download Snagit and a software key to activate it. If you are looking to upgrade to a multi-user license, please contact the sales team for pricing.


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