Licensing for Snagit Windows and Snagit on Mac

Beginning with Snagit 10 (PC) and Snagit on Mac 1, the Snagit license key is cross-platform compatible. Your Snagit license is authorized for a second installation to accommodate Mac use - but they are not for simultaneous use (e.g. use Snagit on your home PC at night, and your work Mac during the day, or vice versa). Please refer to the table below for information on which license keys will work to unlock which version of Snagit on the opposite platform.


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Version on Windows Version on Mac
Snagit 10 Snagit on Mac 1
Snagit 11 Snagit on Mac 2
Snagit 12 Snagit on Mac 3
Snagit 13 Snagit on Mac 4

Starting in Snagit 2018 and later Windows and Mac have the same version number.

If you are licensed for a version of Snagit not listed in the table above, then you can upgrade to the current version of Snagit and get a license key for both platforms.  Click here to purchase an upgrade.

Once you place your order, you will be provided with a software key and download link to activate the product.  Looking to upgrade a multi user Snagit? Please contact our Sales team for pricing.