TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Encoding types that are no longer supported

In Relay 5.0, some encoding formats have been removed. These encoding formats have superior alternatives and this article is intended to guide you in choosing a replacement for your previously chose encoding format.

Previous FormatRecommended Format
iPad MP4 (Up to 1080p)
iPhone MP4 (Up to 720p)
AVI (Original Size) or
Original Recording (Backup)
Camtasia Studio Recording or
Camtasia for Mac Recording or
MP4 (Up to 1080p)
Real Media (Small, Medium, Large) MP4 (480p, 720p, 1080p)
Silverlight (Small, Medium, Large, Original Size) MP4 with Smart Player (480p, 720p, 1080p) or
Windows Media (Small, Medium, Large, Up to 1080p)
Windows Portable Media Device MP4 (480p, 720p, 1080p)

For a more thorough understanding of why these formats were removed, please read the sections below.

iPad and iPhone Formats

Devices are always evolving. Originally, in their 1st generation models, iPhones and iPads had a limited number of H.264 MP4s that would work with them. Since then, the specs on the devices and the formats that they support have improved significantly. The iPad and iPhone formats were smaller resolution MP4s that were specifically designed to work with 1st generation iOS devices. iOS devices can now play any of the standard MP4s that TechSmith Relay creates.

AVI (Original Size) and Original Recording (Backup)

These were formats that were mainly used for debugging and problem-solving purposes with the TechSmith Relay server outputs. These formats used the TSCC and TSC2 TechSmith codecs and were not ideal for sharing or repurposing. The camrec format for Camtasia Studio, the cmproj format for Camtasia for Mac, and a large resolution MP4 are better subsitutes for what these formats were trying to accomplish.

Real Media

Real Media formats have become less and less popular over the years. Our usage statistics revealed that few if any people were still meaningfully using this format. We recommend using MP4's instead.


The Silverlight format is no longer being developed my Microsoft and the latest version was released back in 2011. The purpose of this format was to allow a cross-browser cross-device widely compatible format that supported Relay's extra video features like Table of Contents, Closed Captions, and search within the video. The MP4 with Smart Player format is encouraged instead. If the media server you're using requires a WMV, you should use a WMV format with your own player.

Windows Portable Media Device

The format we had for the Windows Portable Media Device was a low-resolution WMV. Windows portable media devices now support H.264 MP4's which have become the defacto standard for web-based video. We recommend you use our MP4's instead.