Flash videos show just a Black Screen, or take a very long time to begin playing

This can happen when the main file attached to the media contains special or unusual characters (#, $, %, &, *, @, !, /).  Please remove the file, rename it, and then re-upload it to

Flash Videos that are not created using TechSmith products may be produced in a way that does not support Progressive Download.  These videos, when played, will require the entire video to be downloaded before playback begins.

To avoid this problem, make sure you create the Flash Video with the Streaming or Hinted option enabled.

If you would like to add Progressive Download support to a existing Flash Video, try processing the file using QTIndexSwapper.  This enables to deliver content through Progressive Download.

You can download the QTIndexSwapper program from this link:* QTIndexSwapper

QTIndexSwapper requires Adobe AIR to function properly, please visit this link to download Adobe AIR if you do not have it installed: Adobe AIR

QTIndexSwapper and Adobe AIR are not TechSmith products, as such we are unable to provide additional troubleshooting for those programs.

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