Share links saved inside Word documents may not work

Cause Share URLs, such as my example here, are case-sensitive - the proper capitalization matters:

This all-lowercase version of the same URL will not work:


When you paste your link into a Word document, the text you can read will usually have the correct capitalization to match your Share URL. However, when you Ctrl+Click on the underlined text to tell Word to open that link in your web browser, for some users, it will convert the whole URL to lowercase before sending it to your browser. This will make it look like the link is broken, especially if you don't notice that none of the URL is capitalized as it should be. Some users can even see this behavior in the tooltip when hovering over the link:

If you are distributing your link as part of a Word document being sent to your viewers, Ctrl+Clicking is going to be the most convenient and thus the most likely method those recipients will use to try to view the link, and they'll run into the same problem I mentioned above.

Possible Workarounds

  • Instruct viewers to highlight, copy and paste the text of the link from the document to their browser's address bar
  • Instruct viewers to right-click on the link and look for "Copy Hyperlink", then paste that in their browser's address bar
  • Use another medium when distributing your link, such as by including the link right in the body of your e-mails or using another program/file format.
  • Embed your video on a page on your own website, and distribute a link to that page instead
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