My video plays back differently now

At the end of March, 2014 updated the servers to contain the newest version of the Interactive Player that we use for Techsmith Products. 

Here are some of the changes that you may notice based on this change.

New Features

  • Videos from Camtasia Studio 8 and Camtasia for Mac 2 now have a Gear icon on the player near the bottom right corner in some browsers


      • The gear icon is only visible if your browser supports HTML 5 playback of H.264 videos. 
      • In the gear icon, you can change the playback speed of the video
      • Hotkeys.png are shortcut keys to increase or decrease playback speed. 
      • If you do not see this option available, please try using another web browser to load the video.
  • Any new MP4 videos in H.264 codec will now be using the same player that Camtasia Studio 8 and Camtasia for Mac videos do.
  • Any new MP4 in H.264 codec uploads, and previous Camtasia videos, to will be played back with an HTML5 player first and if that is not available it will fall back to the flash player

Other changes you might see

  • For Internet Explorer 9 and 10, you may not see the Full Screen button show up on your video. Using a different browser should work fine (like Chrome or Firefox). 
  • If you are using Firefox on a Mac, you will not see the gear icon from above. Firefox does not have built-in support for H.264 videos in HTML 5 mode, so you will be using Flash player.
  • Some other browsers may not show the gear icon from above as well. It is the same scenario as Firefox. There just is not support in that specific browser and you can try another to see if it works there. 
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