Using the Table of Contents from Camtasia Studio produced video

When creating a video with a Table of Contents in Camtasia Studio, this information is stored in theFlash Controller file, one of the files generated during the production process.

To upload a video to with a Table of Contents, you will need to use the Share to production preset, in Camtasia Studio 7.

For Camtasia Studio 6 and earlier, you would need to use Custom Production Settings making sure to check the Upload video to option.

Please use the following steps to properly produce your video and upload it, with the Table of Contents to

Camtasia Studio 7 and 8

  1. Click Produce and Share and in the dropdown menu select Share to then click Next
  2.  Share to pulls the dimensions information from your last Custom Production Settings production process.  By default the dimensions are 640 x 480.  You will need to make sure to change these, if you want a different size, in the Custom Production Settings.
  3. Sign In to your Account and click Next

  4. Make sure to mark the Include table of contents checkbox then click Finish to being the production process:

  5. You'll also name your video, set the folder it is uploaded too, add any attachments, such as an M4V for iPhone or iPod devices.
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