Morae: Cursor flickering or jumping during recording with Morae 3

This flickering does not appear in the final recording. If the mouse is jumping or not responding correctly, please take the steps below.

Disabling layered windows will help reduce the flicking.

CAUTION: Only perform this workaround if the flickering problem is obtrusive to your study. Do a test recording of your study and review it in Manager to make sure that the software you are testing still displays properly.

To disable Layered-window capture for your study, please do the following:

Windows XP

  1. If you are running Morae 3.0.0, please update to 3.0.1 by going to help > Check for Ipgrade.
  2. In Morae Recorder 3.0.1, click on the wrench icon that is next to your screen video drop-down menu, then check "Disable Layered Window Capture".

Windows Vista 

If you are using the Aero theme, you will not be able to disable layered window capture. As a workaround, you will need to change your desktop color scheme by going to the control panel and selecting "Personalize", then select "Windows Color and Appearance" to modify your color scheme.

In the Windows Color and Appearance window, click "Open classic appearance properties for more color options" and select the "vista basic", "Windows Standard", or Windows classic Scheme.


Windows 7

Right click DesktopPersonalize > Choose a Windows Basic Theme.

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