Morae: Error: TscUgp.dll Unregistered. Error occurs when launching Morae Recorder 2

If you have manually removed the text capture feature in Morae, you should receive this message.

Error: TscUgp.dll Unregistered

The TscUgp.dll file is used in Morae Recorder to help capture data during a recording.  Recorder will function without this file, however some of its functionality will be lost.  If you see this error message in Morae Recorder, reinstall Morae Recorder which reinstalls this file.

If reinstalling the software does not resolve your issue, verify that TscUgp.dll is located on your system at:


If the TscUgp.dll file is located in this directory and reinstalling does not resolve the issue, choose Start > Run > Regedit.  Browse to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\

In the Windows directory, there should be a registry key called AppInit_DLLs (type is REG_SZ). If this key does not exist in this directory, please create one.  Add the text TSCUGP.dll to AppInit_DLLs. Close Regedit and restart the computer.

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