Morae: Observer or Remote Viewer will not connect to Morae Recorder

Morae 3.0 and Newer

Starting in Morae version 3.0 the Recorder and Observer connection has been simplified to only connect over one TCP/IP Port.  By default this port (when choosing "Good Streaming Quality" in Observer) is set to 5555.  If you select "highest video quality" in Observer then Morae will use 5555 and 8080.

If you have difficulty connecting over Port 5555 you can also try changing the communication port in both the Recorder and Observer. 

Note: You can only do this in version 3 and above.
  • In Recorder go to Tools > Preferences to enter the new "Communication Port" number
  • In Observer go to Connection > "Change Port . . ."  button.

You need to make sure this selected Port is unblocked and is the same for both Recorder and all connecting Observer applications.

Morae 2.01 and Older

This issue may occur if ports (5555 and 8080) are not opened. These ports need to be open in order for the two Morae components to successfully communicate with each other. Ports are generally blocked by a software firewall, hardware firewall, or another application.

To determine if the communication between Remote Viewer and Recorder is being blocked due to unopened ports, please complete the following procedure:

  1. Open Morae Recorder.
  2. Click the Start button on the toolbar to begin recording. 
  3. Once your recording has started, choose Windows Start > Run on the computer that will be using Remote Viewer.
  4. The Run dialog box appears. Type "cmd" in the Open field.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The command prompt window appears. Type the following:
    telnet <IP address of the Morae Recorder computer> 5555

To test if Port 8080 is open

  • Repeat steps 1-5 above.
  • In the command prompt window, type the following:
    telnet <IP address of the Morae Recorder computer> 8080

By opening both ports (5555 and 8080) used by Morae for communication, you should be able to successfully connect Morae Remote Viewer to Morae Recorder.

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