Jing: Sending captures to the wrong Screencast.com Account

Jing will be retired soon, and you can learn more about this here


When sharing a file, the uploaded file is going to the wrong Screencast account even though I am logged into Jing with the correct account.


Jing requires a Screencast.com Account for use.  When you first install Jing, the program stores this information in your Share to Screencast.com button.  If this information has changed, please use the steps outlined below to update the Share to Screencast.com button in Jing.

  1. Open Jing, hover over the Sun (or click the System Tray / Menubar icon), and choose More
  2. Click on Preferences and locate Customize buttons
  3. Click on Edit 'Share via Screencast.com
  4. Click on the Change button
  5. Enter the Screencast.com Account you wish to upload your captures to
  6. Click Sign In, click Save, click Close, and click Finish to apply these changes

Your Share via Screencast.com button has now been updated to the account of your choosing.  You can go to the Jing History and upload any captures, that were sent to the wrong account, using the Share option.

However when looking at thumbnails of your History, your previous captures will use the last share setting that was used. So for captures uploaded to the wrong account, you will need to open a preview of the image/video in order to use your new Share settings.