Jing: Audio and Video are out of sync

This is usually a System Resource related issue and is system specific.  The computer's processor cannot process both the Video and Audio fast enough to keep them in sync or to capture a smooth video.

To help with this issue please try the following items:

  • Close all other programs that are not imperative to the recording.  This includes any unnecessary programs in your System Tray or Menu Bar by your computer's clock.
  • If you have Jing Pro, record in the MP4 format for high motion video.
  • If you do not have Jing Pro, try to only record low motion video.  Jing's video capture was designed to capture low motion screen video.
  • When capturing high motion video, such as a DVD or YouTube video, Jing is working harder than normal to record the screen.  This type of content can stress the recording process and lead to sync issues and choppy video.
  • Record a smaller area of the screen. If it is not necessary to record full screen, record only the area of the screen that is needed.
  • Do not record Audio if at all possible.
  • Update Audio and Video Card Drivers to their newest versions.  These can typically downloaded from your Computer Manufacturer's Support site.

Windows XP Only

Try disabling Hardware Acceleration globally. To do this, Right-Click on the Desktop and select Properties > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting.  Set the Acceleration slider to None.