Jing (Mac): Jing crashes at startup on Mac OS X

This problem can occur for a couple of different reasons. Please review the following known causes of this issue.

Reason 1

Sometimes a crash can occur because of a bad preferences file.  Jing's preferences file is called com.techsmith.jing.plist.  Deleting this file will force Jing to create a new version of the file.

It is recommended to make a backup copy of this file before removing it.

The plist file is located in: Your Home Folder > Library > Preferences


Reason 2

Sometimes a bad DataStore can cause a crash. To resolve this:

  1. Quit Jing if it's running
  2. Navigate to Your Home Folder > Library > Application Support > TechSmith > Jing
  3. In this folder rename the Bin folder to Bin_OLD
  4. Restart Jing and try to take a capture.

Reason 3

The Jing crosshairs may not appear when a large number of items are located on the menu bar. Close additional programs and restart Jing to resolve this.

 If the above does not resolve the issue, please submit a case here and send in the following information as attachments with a description of the issue:

  1. Navigate to Your Home Folder > Library > Logs > CrashReporter
  2. Locate any files that begin with Jing
  3. Please send me all of those files
Now go back to the Logs folder and open TechSmith and please locate and send me the following two files:
  • JingRESTCall.log (useful for undiagnosed screencast.com upload problems)
  • Jing.log
Open Applications > Utilities > Console app, select Console Messages and go to File > Save a Copy As... :


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