TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Introducing the SharePoint Online Plugin

Introducing the SharePoint Online Plugin for TechSmith Relay


The SharePoint Online Plugin is now available in version 5.0 of TechSmith Relay. This new SharePoint Online integration option is not enabled by default. Please follow the instructions below to configure the TechSmith Relay and SharePoint Online integration.

Setup Instructions

  1. Access System > Plugins from within TechSmith Relay.


  1. After the plugin has been installed, you should see a new publishing destination option available within Profiles > Publish Destination Setup.
  1. Select "SharePoint Online" from the list of Publishing Destination options.
  1. Provide a Title for the Publishing Destination. This title will be used to identity the publishing destination within TechSmith Relay as well as the option you select in your profile configuration for SharePoint Online publishing.
  1. Enter your company’s “SharePoint URL.” The “Redirect URL” is auto-generated. The “Client ID” and “Client Secret” are provided by the Azure management tool. Please see the following steps to find these values:
    1. Log into the Microsoft Azure Management tool.
    2. In the Active Directory tab, choose your Directory.
    1. On the Applications tab, click Add to add a new application.
    1. One page 1, name the application TechSmith Relay and for the Type, choose “Web Application and/or Web API.” Click the arrow to move to the next page.
    1. Select the Configure tab from the top of the page.
    1. In Properties, complete the required fields to generate the Client ID and Secret ID. Specifically, make sure the Sign-on URL field, key duration, App ID URI, and application permissions fields are completed.
    1. Click the Add application, then click the Save icon.
    1. When the page refreshes, retrieve the Client ID and the Client Secret (key).This is very important! You will not be able to retrieve the key once you leave this page.


  1. Back on the TechSmith Relay website, in the Publish Destination Setup, enter the Client ID and Client Secret (key), and click Save.


  1. Next, select Profiles > Publish Account Setup and select your SharePoint Online publishing destination on the left. 
  1. A title is required. Adjust additional fields as desired. To have a user’s content go to their OneDrive repository, set the profile setup’s publish account to require presenter account. This requires the end user to log into the website and authenticate before sharing. 
  1. Click Save to finish setup.