Configuring Authentication to TechSmith Relay with Azure Active Directory

Configuring Authentication to TechSmith Relay with Azure Active Directory

The following steps are intended to walk you through the process of connecting your Azure Active Directory instance with TechSmith Relay.

1. Login to Azure Active Directory

If this website does not work for you, please contact us and we will try to find you a different portal in which to perform these operations.

If you do not have an Azure subscription yet, you must create an Azure subscription by clicking Try it now link here:

This will need to be a Microsoft Account, but because this account will have access to your Active Directory, it is recommended that this be an institutional account like your school email address.

2. Select the Active Directory option

Scroll down until you see the Active Directory option. Click Active Directory to select it.

3. Add the Directory if necessary

If you don't see the directory you want to use here, you're going to have to add the directory. If you want to use your Office 365 directory, please perform the following steps.

  1. Click New at the bottom of the page
  2. Under App Services, click Directory
  3. Click Custom Create
  4. Select the dropdown and choose Use existing directory. Click I am ready to be signed out now and the checkmark to continue.
  5. Then make sure you login back to Azure Admin Account. (If you just signed up for an account, it will be the email address you used for the sign-up process.

4. Select your Active Directory instance that you want to pair with Relay

You may have multiple instances. Select the one that you want to pair with TechSmith Relay.

5. Select Applications from the toolbar above.

6. Click Add an Application

7. Click Add an application my organization is developing

8. Application Information

Give it the name TechSmith Sign In (or something similar), leave “WEB APPLICATION AND/OR WEB API” selected and click the next button.

9. Specify the App Properties

Specify for both the SIGN-ON URL and the APP ID URL.

10. App Added

Your setup procedure is complete!

After you receive the app has been added message, please click View Endpoints in the footer links.

11. Send us this information.

Please send us the Federation Metadata Document URL.