Snagit (Mac): Scrolling capture error "Unable to capture in Firefox"


Attempting to perform a scrolling capture always results in an error message similar to the following:


This can be caused by an outdated version of the Firefox plugin. If that is the case, the following steps can be followed to update the plug in.

For general scrolling capture troubleshooting, please see the following article: Snagit (Mac): Scrolling capture failed
  1. Download the ZIP file at the bottom of this article (under Attachments)
  2. Unpack the zip file (double click it) so you have the SnagitScrollHelper.xpi file in a safe place (like Documents)
  3. Open Firefox
  4. Navigate to the file menu Tools > Add-ons > Extensions
  5. If the Snagit Autoscroll Helper is installed, remove it from Firefox
  6. Restart Firefox
  7. Navigate  back to the file menu Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, select the gear icon and choose Install Add-on From File....
  8. Browse to the SnagitScrollHelper.xpi you downloaded, and choose Install
  9. Restart Firefox and see if it works better now
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