TechSmith Relay (Hosted): How to save a video from the Relay Website

When publishing content to the Relay System, it may sometimes be necessary to save the video locally.


If you are the owner of the content you are trying to download:

  1. Begin by opening the video from your TechSmith Relay Site.
  2. Once open, below the video, will be two rows of button. The second row should include the option to download the media.



If you are NOT the owner of the content:

Currently only the owner of the content, or the Relay Administrator has the ability to download media From Techsmith Relay. If you need access to the media, and you are not one of those two, the best option we can offer would be to reach out to either the Relay Administrator or the owner of the content, to get the media. 


If this is a feature that you would like to see changed/improved in a future release, please contact the Customer Care team at