Snagit (Windows): Failed to load main frame


When opening the Snagit Editor, or after taking a capture a "Failed to load main frame" error message appears on the screen and then the Editor closes.


  We have found that this can be caused by third party registry cleaners removing a registry key that is needed in order to use Snagit.  Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue. 

  1. Close out of Snagit completely so it is not running at all.  Make sure by opening your task manager (ctrl + alt + delete) and make sure Snagit32.exe, SnagPriv.exe,  and SnagitEditor.exe are not running.  On Windows 7, check under the Processes tab.  On Windows 8, click the "More Details" button in the task manager. 
  2. Close out of any other programs that you have running
  3. Download and save the zip file below, and unpack the zip file (usually double clicking works)
  4. Double click Regfile.reg to run it and click OK to the prompts
  5. Double click the RegFile2.reg and click OK to the prompts
  6. Try Snagit again

If the problem continues, there may be some third party software causing the problem.  Please submit a support ticket to troubleshoot further.