Snagit (Windows): Snagit 12.3 and later crashing on capture


When attempting to capture with Snagit 12.3 and later, Snagit will crash when using the Red button (or the default print screen hotkey), or the video capture profile.  Using the Image capture profile works.


We have seen this behavior caused by some specific malware called "Hicosmea."  This malware can interfere with the task bar, and cause problems with Snagit (and other functions on the machine). Some other symptoms of this malware may be.....

  • pop ups constantly showing on the machine
  • unwanted programs appearing randomly
  • Internet Explorer not working properly


If you are experiencing this behavior, we highly recommend getting the system looked at and diagnosed by a computer specialist to remove any malware and/or viruses.  Some free utilities such as Malwarebytes can help, however are not always capable of completely removing the malware.

Snagit Workarounds

We highly suggest following the recommendation above to avoid further problems with the system, however there are the following workarounds that may allow Snagit to function if that malware is not able to be removed.

  • Revert to Snagit 12.2.2, by removing Snagit 12.3 through your control panel.  Then reboot, and re-install version 12.2 here.
  • Create a new user profile for the computer
  • Re-Image the computer

If you are unsure if this is the cause of the crash you are experiencing, please submit a support ticket with us here.

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