Why Does TechSmith Loop Need So Many Permissions?

This is an extension of our TechSmith Loop FAQ and explains why each of the permissions are requested when you sign in to OneDrive for Business.

TechSmith Loop permissions


  • Edit or delete your files -- TechSmith Loop uses this to make changes to your videos (e.g. drawings and recordings), and save them to, or delete them from, OneDrive for Business. Changes will never be made without a prompt from you.
  • Read your files -- This allows TechSmith Loop to display and open OneDrive for Business videos within the application.
  • Sign-in as you and read your profile -- TechSmith Loop uses this to access your OneDrive for Business. Your information is only used within the application, and is never accessed outside of the application or shared in any way.
  • Read your files
    Read and write your files
    Sign you in and read your profile


The last three permissions ask for access to the same information. To connect to OneDrive for Business, TechSmith Loop uses Microsoft’s Office 365 REST application programming interface (API). However, Microsoft will be releasing a new API soon, and we’d like to switch to this approach once it’s released. Accepting both sets of permissions saves you from having to accept them again when the new API is released.