Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the common questions we’ve been answering about TechSmith Loop.


Will TechSmith Loop run on my device?

TechSmith Loop is currently available for Surface Hub, desktop, laptop, and 2-in-1 devices running Windows 10.


Can I import videos into TechSmith Loop?

Yes. You can import MP4 videos from your device or OneDrive for Business. For more on importing, see this tutorial.

Note: If you’re using the demo version, importing is disabled.


I just imported / recorded a video. Where did it go?

When you import or record a video, it's added to either your library or your OneDrive for Business library -- depending on which is selected at the time.

Note: If you’re using the demo version, importing and recording your own content is disabled.


Can I do a side-by-side comparison with the same video?

Yes, but for now, you have to import the file twice. Then, select both copies in your library and tap Compare. For videos recorded with TechSmith Loop or stored on OneDrive for Business, you can export the videos to your device and follow the same process.

Note: If you’re using the demo version, importing and recording your own content is disabled.


Can I export videos to a specific folder in OneDrive for Business?

Not at this time. When you export a video to OneDrive for Business, it’s added to the main directory. Any reorganization, like moving a video to a specific folder, has to be done outside of TechSmith Loop.


What’s the difference between removing and deleting videos from OneDrive for Business?

Removing a video takes it off of your device without deleting it from OneDrive for Business. Deleting a video permanently removes it from your device and OneDrive for Business.


Why does TechSmith Loop need so many permissions?

We explain the permissions and why we need them in a separate article.


Why is my device being enrolled with my organization?

The first time you sign in to an app using your work or school credentials for Office 365, Windows enrolls your device with your organization. Your organization may require specific settings, apps, or features for each device. Please see your administrator if you have questions.


Where can I learn more about TechSmith Loop?

Check out this page to learn how TechSmith Loop can be used to improve your processes and transform your workplace.