Jing (Mac): Unable to enter text into text box

There is a known issue with Jing on Mac where setting a transparent background causes this problem. The first character of the text is visible, but no other text is able to be input.


In order to resolve this problem. 

  1. Hover over the Jing window, then click on the more ball.
  2. On the Jing sun, please click Exit and confirm you want to exit.
  3. After that please go to your spotlight search and type in "Terminal" and then hit enter.
  4. After that please copy/paste the following into that window:
    defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.techSmith.jing.plist fontBackgroundColor
  5. After that hit enter and you should see another line come up with no real indication that anything happened.
  6. Please then open Jing again and test to see if the text boxes are back to normal and working.
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