Snagit (Mac): Entering Your License Key

The free trial of Snagit is a fully functional 15 day trial.  If you decide to purchase, there is no need to download and install Snagit again.  Instead, you simply need to unlock the trial with your software key.  This can be done a few ways. 

Unlocking with your TechSmith Account

**This will not work for multi-user license keys

**This method only works on Snagit on Mac 3.3.5 and later

    1. Browse to in your browser.  
    2. If you have an account, sign in.  If not, create an account. 
    3. Once you are signed in, select the Products tab at the top of the page.
    4. If you do not already see your license key here, manually add it using the steps here. 


License questions? Check out our License FAQ for more information about where to find your key, how to move your key, and more!

  1. Open Snagit on your computer, and browse to the menu bar item Snagit > Sign in....

  2. Sign in to the same account, and Snagit should unlock automatically. 

Unlocking an Expired Trial

  1. Open Snagit
  2. When prompted with the screen that the trial has expired, choose "Unlock with your software key." 


  3. Enter the software key provided at purchase. 

Unlocking an Active Trial

  1. Open Snagit
  2. Browse to the menu bar item Snagit > Activate
  3. Enter the software key provided at purchase

New Install / Reinstall

Snagit can either be unlocked using the steps above (Unlocking with your TechSmith Account), or by manually entering your key.

  1. Install Snagit.
  2. Select the Unlock Snagit option.
  3. Enter your software key.


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